Saturday, June 23, 2007


A couple of nights ago Briana had Isabel spend the night. It's been awhile since I've spent time with Isa so I decided to spend the night too. She is growing up so fast, she constantly amazes me with the things she says and does! I made sure to have my camera handy so I could get some new scrapbooking material! I captured another what I call "uh oh dada" moment. You'll know exactly what that means when you see it here...
Here are some other faves of mine that show her fun personality and that remind me she really is still a little girl...She usually likes her hair down but she let me fix it and then decorated it herself with these butterfly clips. It was so cute when she picked out a couple of larger ones and called them "Butterbigs". Kids say the darndest things!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

For Trish and Steph...

So far I'm a bust at blogging! I've been on countless other blogs, noting the author's talent for writing, photography, blog site artistry, all in all, just doing a little research. Or so I've told myself. In the end I think I just intimidated myself out of really going down this blogging road. After all, my style of writing can't be so interesting that people would want to check back everyday to see what I have to say. My art can't be so inspiring that they'd hang onto their seats to see what I'm going to post next. This is what I tell myself.
"We need more posts!" is what I've heard from my cousins Trish and Stephie, two awesome girls who, together with their husbands and furry family members, have packed up their belongings and moved to different States, far away from our little hometown here deep behind the Redwood Curtain. So, prompted by them, but definitely for myself, I'm going for it. And who knows, buy sharing little tidbits of who I am, I just might be surprised to find that I've got something to say. How will I know If I never try?

Friday, April 6, 2007

Scrapjacked challenge Moments Like This

Here's my take on the Scrapjacked featured artist Karla Dudley. This was so much fun! Spent an hour at the beach yesterday with my favorite girl, Isa. We were taking self portraits and I suggested we stick out our tongues. Didn't realize she really had until I got the pictures onto the computer. This was my favorite!! What a great moment to remember.


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