Monday, June 30, 2008

Been off enjoying life...


...Talk to you soon....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

hmmm...spray paint!

There's nothing like popping the lid off of a fresh can of spray paint! I don't know what it is (the instant gratification?) but I've always loved to spray paint things. I spent a good part of yesterday transforming the look of various pots I got on sale--as well as the look of a few innocent bystander items!

Spray Paint Goes 360: New Krylon Spray Tip Covers All the Angle - Watch a funny movie here

This new style of can from Krylon is pretty cool, it really has a lot of coverage. It's funny cause I actually just found out that the nozzle adjusts from watching this little video a few minutes ago! Would have been nice to know yesterday! "Directions? why would I ever have read any of those?"

This little screen used to be black--I think this ivy green is an improvement!

A few more of my victims! Don't worry, there were several items that I painted a neutral antique white, they just weren't very photogenic.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lost In Blogland

Oh my gosh, I can't handle this....I've been lost for HOURS! My head is spinning, my eyes are blurry, I'm thirsty, I have work to do, I have to least I've had a little snack chocolate right next to me to provide proper nourishment and energy for my online travels! This has been happening all week where I go to check on a couple of my favorite blogs just to see what's going on, then I decide to start tweaking my own, then I decide to check out a few new blogs, then I decide to check out some flickr stuff, then I decide to finally make a new post of my own, but I look at the clock and it's like 2 AM! and I realize I'm just too tired to do it! Then I get annoyed at how long I've spent online, think about all the work I've been doing outside, then think of something garden related I should look up while I'm online, finally shut off the computer, remember something ELSE I NEED to know about, log back on, surf a little bit more, check one more thing on my blog, then it's like 4 AM and I will finally go to sleep. SO, to avoid all that, here's a quick post, and I promise to be off here now, at a tender 11:06 pm.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Yard Sales and Yard Work

First, some yard sale loot...not too much out there this weekend, of course, that could be because I'm a late riser and catch the tail end of things when it's all been picked through. I tell myself that this is actually a good strategy because I get a better deal on the stuff I do find and it cuts down on all that I would want if I went earlier. Got this cute little wicker thing that I'm either going to hang in the yard with a couple of small pots in it or spray paint it glossy black and put in my room with the mirror I found a few weekends back. I was super excited to find this old metal bean masher, been looking for one since Elena and I moved. Even mom was on the lookout, checking every Mexican food store around!

Last weekends' finds include a new mini ironing board for $1--think I'm going to see if I can find a pattern and make a cute drawstring cover since this one isn't washable and will only come off if I cut it. Not sure what the little rack is, the shelves are only deep enough to rest a plate on, but I couldn't resist it's scallopy cuteness or its $2 cost. I'll probably put it in the yard and find a way to put trailing flowers on it.

This little chair was rescued from a schoolhouse fire in either Ferndale or Fortuna, notice the little burned corner. I love the faded and crackled paint and even though it's really rickety, it will be a perfect stand for a pot of flowers.

In between my yard sale adventuring and my days at work I've been busy working in the yard. At a glance it looks okay...

but there's a lot of brush and leaves that have been left by either the landlord or previous tenants and the weeds are quickly taking over! All together our yard has 8 trees plus one in our neighbor's yard that hangs over into ours. I got on a ladder and trimmed ALL of them!

Then I hauled the trimmings away. That's a five foot tall pile! My hands were swollen and my wrists and arms were sore all week, not so good when you make a living using your hands. But the reward is worth it, I want my yard to be pretty and cute.

It's so nice to cut my own little flowers and stick them in a jar to enjoy inside!


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