Monday, June 9, 2008

Yard Sales and Yard Work

First, some yard sale loot...not too much out there this weekend, of course, that could be because I'm a late riser and catch the tail end of things when it's all been picked through. I tell myself that this is actually a good strategy because I get a better deal on the stuff I do find and it cuts down on all that I would want if I went earlier. Got this cute little wicker thing that I'm either going to hang in the yard with a couple of small pots in it or spray paint it glossy black and put in my room with the mirror I found a few weekends back. I was super excited to find this old metal bean masher, been looking for one since Elena and I moved. Even mom was on the lookout, checking every Mexican food store around!

Last weekends' finds include a new mini ironing board for $1--think I'm going to see if I can find a pattern and make a cute drawstring cover since this one isn't washable and will only come off if I cut it. Not sure what the little rack is, the shelves are only deep enough to rest a plate on, but I couldn't resist it's scallopy cuteness or its $2 cost. I'll probably put it in the yard and find a way to put trailing flowers on it.

This little chair was rescued from a schoolhouse fire in either Ferndale or Fortuna, notice the little burned corner. I love the faded and crackled paint and even though it's really rickety, it will be a perfect stand for a pot of flowers.

In between my yard sale adventuring and my days at work I've been busy working in the yard. At a glance it looks okay...

but there's a lot of brush and leaves that have been left by either the landlord or previous tenants and the weeds are quickly taking over! All together our yard has 8 trees plus one in our neighbor's yard that hangs over into ours. I got on a ladder and trimmed ALL of them!

Then I hauled the trimmings away. That's a five foot tall pile! My hands were swollen and my wrists and arms were sore all week, not so good when you make a living using your hands. But the reward is worth it, I want my yard to be pretty and cute.

It's so nice to cut my own little flowers and stick them in a jar to enjoy inside!


Trisha said...

You're just so darn creative, it kills me! But I love looking at your finds. :)
Is the bean masher to actually mash beans??

Anonymous said...

What a ton of work! You should come over to Nevada and help us remodel our house! Did you get any help? It will look so good when your done though, you will be so proud. Don't feel like your out of the loop either, I didn't tell anyone about the move until I announced it on the blog. I'm coming home next week, hopefully I can see all you girls.

Alicia said...

Oh yes, I'm definitely going to use the masher for beans. I'm not really sure what it's real purpose is, but my mom always had one like this to make her refried beans. It's old, they don't make em like this anymore.


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