Thursday, June 12, 2008

hmmm...spray paint!

There's nothing like popping the lid off of a fresh can of spray paint! I don't know what it is (the instant gratification?) but I've always loved to spray paint things. I spent a good part of yesterday transforming the look of various pots I got on sale--as well as the look of a few innocent bystander items!

Spray Paint Goes 360: New Krylon Spray Tip Covers All the Angle - Watch a funny movie here

This new style of can from Krylon is pretty cool, it really has a lot of coverage. It's funny cause I actually just found out that the nozzle adjusts from watching this little video a few minutes ago! Would have been nice to know yesterday! "Directions? why would I ever have read any of those?"

This little screen used to be black--I think this ivy green is an improvement!

A few more of my victims! Don't worry, there were several items that I painted a neutral antique white, they just weren't very photogenic.


Anonymous said...

I love all the color. Good choices!

Trisha said...

So vibrant and pretty!


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