Sunday, June 28, 2009

Father's Day recap

For father's day this year we took dad to his first Crab's game. It was a beautiful, sunny, and very windy day, but since the stands are below street level, we were sheltered from most of the wind's fury. Briana was unable to make it due to getting off so late from work, and mom decided against going on account of her temporary state of crippledness (inside joke, I'm really not that politically incorrect), but we had a great time any way. We met up with the Cox family and indulged in all the goodies you automatically feel entitled to when going to a game. The Crab Grass Band played ever so enthusiastically and the people just behind us taunted the visiting team without mercy. The game against the San Jose Seals came down to the wire, but in the end the Humboldt Crabs prevailed!!
After the game we all met back up for dinner at Larrupin's. Man, I love my family! We had a great time, good dinner, and laughed ourselves silly after indulging in desserts--musta been the sugar rush! To sum up the happiness of the day I must quote Elena who, in response to the waiter asking if he could get us anything else for the night, replied, "No thanks, we're gay!"
Guess you had to be there.

Friday, June 19, 2009


Elena with her "Beans"
I was sitting at the computer in the living room, right next to the front door when she walked in carrying a large object. "I got a chinchilla" she said. I just rolled my eyes.

Dad came up with his name "Orejon". Big ears. We called him "Ori" for short.

It was kind of nice having a nocturnal pet in the house; those middle of the night trips to the bathroom were met by excited company.."you got up just to play with me?" Likewise, if I stopped by at 2 in the morning for whatever reason, there was one I could count on to be awake, eager to greet me when I walked in.

When Elena moved out, unable to move him with her, he grew very close to my mom.

It's amazing how attached we all became to this little fluffy butt.

Suddenly those bites he took out of my imported Indonesian armoire don't make me mad, but are a sweet little reminder.

Four years isn't close to the 10-25 we expected he'd be around. But in that time he grew to be the center of attention in the house. Every visitor wanted to look at him. Every child wanted to pet him. And who could blame them, he really just was that cute. Personality so unbelievably big. Smart as a whip. Who knew? And who knew I'd be sitting here crying as I edited these photos and type these words? He will be missed.
Ori the Chin's a suprise

celebrating 33 years

Thank you mom and dad for your example of love, honor, family strength, togetherness, humor, happiness, taking care of one another, taking care of your family...your marriage is an example that I am so thankful to have and take greatly to heart. LOVE YOU.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ghetto greenhouse

divided plants, waiting a new home

Took a little break today and did NOTHING. Well, as nothing as I can do which is a little laundry and some roaming around in the yard. I'm not feeling 100% and when I try to get stuff done in that state of being, I'm not very productive, so today, I just gave in and it felt pretty good.

Lately, I'm spending 75% of my time in my little flowery world and I love it. I'm constantly thinking about how to arrange my pots, what to put in them to fill in the gaps, how to scale down the number of pots I have while thinking about the new plants that I want to get (how does that work?!), and when am I going to be done already so that I can just ENJOY?! I'm seriously loving every minute of it!Gardening is full of happy little surprises. Take, for example, this picture of what I like to call, my ghetto greenhouse. It's an old lounge chair that I got for free (don't judge till you see the final result) and is home to all of my last year's gardening leftovers. Leftovers such as good deals that I couldn't pass up but never had the chance to plant, bits of healthy plants that I accidentally cut or broke off and in an effort to save, stuck into a little pot of dirt sans rooting hormone. To my surprise most of my subjects lived!
anagallis 'skylover' pimpernel

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I'm still here, just been busy working in the yard as much as I can. I so completely anticipated this season but STILL got a bit of a late start and I have that "in over my head" feeling. Ugh!

P.S. I'm not sticking my tongue out at you. I love you all for stopping by and checking in on me. My photographer dared to make fun of my yard working outfit and sadly, It's the only photo I could find of myself that wasn't a practiced head shot, LOL!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

preparing my pots

Recent beautiful sunny days found me digging out the gunk from my potted garden; fertilizing, dividing, cleaning...a lot of "work" that makes me so very happy!


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