Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ghetto greenhouse

divided plants, waiting a new home

Took a little break today and did NOTHING. Well, as nothing as I can do which is a little laundry and some roaming around in the yard. I'm not feeling 100% and when I try to get stuff done in that state of being, I'm not very productive, so today, I just gave in and it felt pretty good.

Lately, I'm spending 75% of my time in my little flowery world and I love it. I'm constantly thinking about how to arrange my pots, what to put in them to fill in the gaps, how to scale down the number of pots I have while thinking about the new plants that I want to get (how does that work?!), and when am I going to be done already so that I can just ENJOY?! I'm seriously loving every minute of it!Gardening is full of happy little surprises. Take, for example, this picture of what I like to call, my ghetto greenhouse. It's an old lounge chair that I got for free (don't judge till you see the final result) and is home to all of my last year's gardening leftovers. Leftovers such as good deals that I couldn't pass up but never had the chance to plant, bits of healthy plants that I accidentally cut or broke off and in an effort to save, stuck into a little pot of dirt sans rooting hormone. To my surprise most of my subjects lived!
anagallis 'skylover' pimpernel

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