Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bed Drama

A while ago I posted about my new/old bed. Well, once again it sits in the carport, waiting for my dad to come to its rescue.
Backtrack: I was sound asleep one night when I crashed to the floor, thankfully cushioned by my oh so comfy now new-ish mattress. One of the siderails split, tearing free from the hardware that bolted it to the footboard. For about a week, okay maybe two, I slept on the mattress which sat on the boxspring which sat on a piece of plywood which sat on the floor and all of that sat in the middle of the four "walls" of my bed. Eventually I took everything apart, seriously fed up with all of my bed drama!

I love the detail here on the footboard!

Fast Forward: Now I sleep on the mattress which sits on the boxspring which sits on a piece of plywood which sits on the floor and all of that "pinches" the headboard so that it stands upright against the wall and actually looks like it should. Except that I'm on the freaking floor! But don't you like my new sheets?
As much as I really like my bed, I really wouldn't think twice about buying another one to redo or even a new one (I like the one called "Florian") if it were the right price.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my latest project

This just might be my most prized possession. Well, okay maybe just at this moment. But still, what would a person ever do if they didn't own a drill? And to top it off mine is one of the greatest colors on earth--aqua bluish tealish--i think that's what it's officially called. If you're thinking more along the lines of what a person would do if they did own a drill, just take a look at my most recently completed project...

A person could hang shelves as I did here. And I did it without any type of catastrophe occurring, that's what amazes me! I'm also superstoked about my little project because, these boards were a score at the cost of $free. They were something that Jake's great aunt had hoarded for years (they were still in their original packaging priced at $3.49) and there were a whole bunch so I hardly made a dent when I took six. I just had to buy brackets and then I dry brushed a little paint onto them.

I gave them an even more distressed look by lightly sanding them on their corners and edges. They've been up for about a week now, and I've yet to actually put anything on them! All in good time I guess!

P.S. I have to give a little shout out to my dad for the drill which was my Christmas present this past year--you've never seen a girl get so excited over a power tool!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cake and Football

Strawberry Delight.

Enough said.

Had a little bbq at mom and dad's today since I was out of town on my birthday. Dad cooked fish tacos-- oh it had been too long! Brandy and Jai got me this cute little ficus and I just love the pot! Don't know if you can tell, but it's even glittery--Brandy knows me well!

Raider game recap:

The experience of going to the game was just awesome, I got so excited as we drove up to the stadium. I never could have imagined all the energy and support the Raider fans have for their team. I thought I knew what tailgating was until I saw how these fans do it.

While we were so pumped to be there and to have good seats, it was a total bummer that the game pretty much sucked.

All in all I definitely enjoyed myself!

Half of the fun was all the preparation, it was more of an experience than just a game.

Nobody thought that Jake would really paint his face but, shhhh, don't tell, I've got the proof.

On my mind...

I've had this (click on "about nie") on my mind lately. Can't stop checking this blog for updates. I find it hard to describe what a blog is to people who've never ventured into blogland. I think that is because blogs can take on so many different roles, it just depends on the intentions of the people who create them. In following the stories surrounding the two blogs linked to above, I am amazed at how blogs can really bring people together to support one another. As I make the rounds each day to my favorite blogs and the links I find on those blogs, weather they be scrapbooking, home decorating, or whatever topic, I am finding reference to the nie nie dialogues more and more. This story is even spreading beyond the cyber world. I'm definitly going to be following the progress of these two young parents, praying for their bodies to heal and for the strength they'll need to adjust to a different life. In a time when we talk about how the internet can be used for negative purposes and leads to a lack of human interaction, I find it reassuring that it really can be used for good and can actually bring people together.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday to MEEEE!

Well, not yet, but in a couple of days I'll be 32. Ouch. The years they just keep on tickin' by! I'll be out of town. It just happens that I *get* to go to the opening Monday night football game featuring the Oakland Raiders vs. the Denver Broncos! Yay! There's kind of a funny story how this trip came to be but I'll save it for later. While I'm gone I'm really hoping to visit this place. The rest of the plans are tentative so I will have to fill you in when I get back. I'll leave you with this picture taken of me taken 31 1/2 years ago...awwww...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dad was right

The days are getting shorter....I was out till dark watering my plants...it took me 2 hours! I remember one day earlier this summer when my dad stopped by while I was in the backyard planting some pots...he looked around and commented "don't get in over your head". My response of course was, "I won't, it just looks like a lot because they're (the pots) all in one place". I have to admit that every time I find myself out 'till dark watering my 70+ (yes 70!) pots of plants, I hear my father's words in my head and I think, yep, he was right.


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