Monday, April 14, 2008

So here I am...again!

Wish I could say there's been some great story for why I haven't posted anything. I almost deleted this thing so many times, but I knew I'd be here again someday. My intentions have been good, I have dozens of pictures I took with the intent to post them. Maybe you'll see them, someday, probably in a scrapbook page..if I ever get around to doing that again.

It's been project time lately. Little odds and ends stuff around the house. Elena and I moved into the cutest little place back in October and I just now feel like I'm getting a handle on putting things together in a way that feels right. The biggest project was digging this old thing out of my parent's storage shed.
I got it free years ago (I don't even remember how many!). It was in good shape, just needed a new piece of hardware. I recently bought a new mattress and thought it would be the perfect time to finally have a pretty bed frame to sleep on. So the new adventure began. I went around to a few antique stores, only to get no help at all. Unless you consider being told I'd have to buy a whole new antique bed to get the hardware off of it help. I went home and did a little online research and found just what I needed. Worries over--not! With my mattresses and new hardware on their way, I set out to pick out the perfect paint color and sand, prime and paint my new/old bed. As I was finishing up I had a horrible thought--what if my mattress sat up too tall in the bed frame and covered the whole headboard? Well, that's exactly what I'd later find to be true. I was so bummed! Then I decided to use it anyway. The support was too wide and the mattress slipped through to the floor. So they all sat stacked in my room until dad could come to the rescue. For two weeks I had to bunk with my sis. Today it's fixed and I am so happy to get to sleep on my new mattresses and on my new/old bed!

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