Wednesday, April 15, 2009

May Class--Wall Hanging Layout

I love teaching scrapbook classes and I'm always looking to share innovative and FUN ideas. In that spirit I came up with this layout which I'll be teaching in May. It's a single-page layout with room for three photos. It's designed to be a wall hanging, but can just as easily be slipped into the page protector of your favorite album. You can find full details and descriptions on the Scrapper's edge website here.


Had a low-key and relaxing day, so different from the excitement and anticipation I remember feeling as a kid. Lunch at Grannies was with great company and not lacking in moments of poking fun at parts of the meal, ahem, desert. A drive out to Willow Creek + meal #2 = me ready for bed asap! Before we left, Dorothy saw to it that I left with a gorgeous bouquet of Spring's offerings which immediately found themselves plunked into various vases and jars, cheering up a little spot in the kitchen.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

empty outcha draws!

How cute is this?!

I am SOOO lovin' it!! You can find more here:

Friday, April 3, 2009

knock knock...who's there?


Flowers who??

Flowers by the front door!

What a lovely treat it's been to have these little guys (as pitiful as some may look) throughout the winter, waiting to greet any and all who find themselves at my front door.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

in the air

It gently rolls in on the midnight air....that familiar scent, so soft, so almost not even there. So I breathe it in, again, deep. Yep, it's there. Don't know how they do it, they almost don't even exist...the scent I'm talking about is that garden scent. My little plants are waking from their slumber, ever so slowly, but surely!
my container garden all grouped together for the winter

One by one, I snapped pictures of the first of the little sleepy-heads that appeared...
ya, I have NO idea here

blue fescue
(after a haircut I gave him
(I'm sure he's a him)

last month-can you tell how much he's grown??)

pretty sure it's not, but that's how I've written it in my garden journal.
i might have moved it and forgot to make note, guess I'll just have to wait and see!
pink champagne marguerite

Every day I spy some new growth and I don't even know when it happens, but it's really cool to see. It's really my favorite part of this whole gardening thing, to see what comes back, little surprises every day.


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