Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Had a low-key and relaxing day, so different from the excitement and anticipation I remember feeling as a kid. Lunch at Grannies was with great company and not lacking in moments of poking fun at parts of the meal, ahem, desert. A drive out to Willow Creek + meal #2 = me ready for bed asap! Before we left, Dorothy saw to it that I left with a gorgeous bouquet of Spring's offerings which immediately found themselves plunked into various vases and jars, cheering up a little spot in the kitchen.

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Colette said...

I do like your windows, Alicia. Hope you will show us what you decide to do for your kitchen one(s). I had windows like yours in our previous house in the Sierras. But I am stuck with the older, brown aluminum kind. For now anyway.
Thanks for coming by my blog. See you soon.


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