Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my latest project

This just might be my most prized possession. Well, okay maybe just at this moment. But still, what would a person ever do if they didn't own a drill? And to top it off mine is one of the greatest colors on earth--aqua bluish tealish--i think that's what it's officially called. If you're thinking more along the lines of what a person would do if they did own a drill, just take a look at my most recently completed project...

A person could hang shelves as I did here. And I did it without any type of catastrophe occurring, that's what amazes me! I'm also superstoked about my little project because, these boards were a score at the cost of $free. They were something that Jake's great aunt had hoarded for years (they were still in their original packaging priced at $3.49) and there were a whole bunch so I hardly made a dent when I took six. I just had to buy brackets and then I dry brushed a little paint onto them.

I gave them an even more distressed look by lightly sanding them on their corners and edges. They've been up for about a week now, and I've yet to actually put anything on them! All in good time I guess!

P.S. I have to give a little shout out to my dad for the drill which was my Christmas present this past year--you've never seen a girl get so excited over a power tool!


Trisha said...

You're too funny! At least you know you to use it. :) hee hee

The shelves look great. I can see your creative side once again!

Anonymous said...

Your so crafty! I feel powerful when I use J's drill! Love the shelves, lets see them decorated!


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