Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lost In Blogland

Oh my gosh, I can't handle this....I've been lost for HOURS! My head is spinning, my eyes are blurry, I'm thirsty, I have work to do, I have to pee...at least I've had a little snack chocolate right next to me to provide proper nourishment and energy for my online travels! This has been happening all week where I go to check on a couple of my favorite blogs just to see what's going on, then I decide to start tweaking my own, then I decide to check out a few new blogs, then I decide to check out some flickr stuff, then I decide to finally make a new post of my own, but I look at the clock and it's like 2 AM! and I realize I'm just too tired to do it! Then I get annoyed at how long I've spent online, think about all the work I've been doing outside, then think of something garden related I should look up while I'm online, finally shut off the computer, remember something ELSE I NEED to know about, log back on, surf a little bit more, check one more thing on my blog, then it's like 4 AM and I will finally go to sleep. SO, to avoid all that, here's a quick post, and I promise to be off here now, at a tender 11:06 pm.


Stephanie said...

I know what you mean, I'm guilty of the same thing! You blog looks great though!

Trisha said...

It's just the fun of the internet that gets you every time! what did we ever do without it??!!


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