Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend

Memorial weekend was pretty mellow. The weather was just so/so...overcast, big suprise. On Saturday night at work I came across a classified ad and garage sale map. There were several listed to last into Sunday so I circled the few that sounded good and decided that I would do a little treasure hunting. I am super stoked over my finds here

I got some of it for free (late bird special!) and the rest I got for $26. Ahh, my heart sighs! None of it looks as cool in the picture as in real life, or maybe even then it only looks like treasure to me.
Later on in the day I went over to mom and dad's for a BBQ, yum, yum. Then on Monday stopped by to see the kitties.
He loves his baby...
this one is Buster...and this is Stewart.
I spent the rest of the weekend in the, how do I get the dirt out from under my nails?


Trisha said...

Cute babies... are they related? Glad you had fun on your treasure hunt. :)

Alicia said...

Yep, Stewart and Buster are brothers from the humane society. They were surprise Christmas gifts for Jake's mom.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if those were the surprise kitties. Does Jake like them more than his mom does? I love that you are such a good garage sale hunter, I can never see potential. I'm coming home in a few weeks, maybe we can all get together!


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