Wednesday, May 7, 2008

B*Day Dinner

The weekend following mom's birthday we all met for dinner at the Sunset Restaurant, always a favorite for birthday dinners. With everybody on a different work schedule it can be hard to find a time when we can all meet, but when we do, the memories made during that time are priceless!

Dinner was filled with lots of laughter and an especially touching moment when the subtly playing music caught mom's ear and she realized it was the first song she and dad had ever danced to. It was something by Chicago, I can't remember what. It turned out dad had requested it, and we all thought she would cry, but she didn't. It's kind of our thing to tease mom a little bit cause she often cries when she's really happy, like when she gets an especially sweet gift or something like that. And It was a fun moment too because we don't get to see dad be that romantic too often.

This next picture cracks me up because it's the "take another to be safe" shot. You know, the one where as soon as the first one is taken you holler out, "wait!, one more"....well, mom was about to get ready for it, but dad was mid desert when the first shot was taken and I guess it must have been so good that he didn't want to wait to get back to it cause this is how that photo turned out

funny stuff! And for good measure here's one of me on my way to dinner...

I don't get dressed up much anymore and what else to you do when you have a camera and great natural light? Oh, but does it ever show off those fine little lines creeping out around my eyes!


Trisha said...

Cute pics!! And I don't see any fine lines. :)

Stephanie said...

Well yeah! I didn't know you were back at it until I saw it on Trisha's blog. You are not getting wrinkles! Have you finished that headboard yet? I can't wait to see how it turns out. Glad your back!


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