Friday, May 16, 2008

Took a Walk

It's 11:30pm, and it has taken me two hours to cool the interior of my home to 88 degrees!! This is INSANE! All I can say is that I'm so thankful to have kept my trusty little fan that I bought when I was in Puerto Rico. I carry it into every room with me. It's been so hot here the last few days, I'm seriously wilting. I mean, who'd think that it could be 100+ in Arcata, 100 in Trinidad, 110 in Blue Lake, in May?! It's absolutely nuts I tell ya!
On Tuesday I took a little afternoon walk around the neighborhood. I was so happy because it was 5:30pm and I had on a thin short sleeved tee and no jacket, I felt so free (little did I know what the next couple of days had in store for me, ha!), I mean, it's so rare to have an afternoon where the wind doesn't kick up or the clouds don't roll in. Anyway, I've been on a gardening kick and there are a few yards that I always admire when I drive past and I wanted to get a closer look. I grabbed my camera as I went out the door and shot a few pics of my favorites...

this is actually the tree in front of our place that we just realized has bloomed the most fabulous little pink flowers--so pretty!

not sure what these are, but I totally want to find out

Love the ornamental grasses

vegetable garden in the front yard!

The fuschia flowers next to this tree wave above skinny green stems in the breeze--been noticing these around town and I love 'em!

I'm totally obsessed with this stuff, I want a Japanese Wisteria so bad

Now my head is full of ideas and I need to get back to my own yard and to potting all my little flowers that I have collected over the past month.

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