Monday, December 8, 2008

SO bummed!

My computer crashed! So now, when there are so many things to post about, I CAN'T, and when there are so many beautiful things posted about, I CAN'T see them!!! WHAAAAA! Some days go by when I don't even turn the thing on, and now it seems there isn't anything I can do that doesn't involve my computer in some way. Oh, all the holiday inspiration I'm missing out on! Again, WHAAAAAAA! And my computer guy is out of town, so I'm stuck!

So, just a quick update, I finished all the jewelry that I've been working on to take to the Shorelines. I did take pictures, so when I can, I will post them. Yesterday, right after I dropped the jewelry off, I did a thorough cleaning of my poorly neglected home and re-arranged the furniture a bit to leave room for the Christmas tree. This morning, Elena and I picked out a most perfect little noble fir. (It breaks my heart to think that I might have lost all the pictures on my computer that included shots of our first Christmas in our new little home and our tiny cute little fully loaded up tree. whaaaa!) I just left my parents' house where I picked up all of my Christmas decorations. Now, ready, set, DECORATE!!

1 comment:

Trisha said...

Oh no! Sometimes technology really stinks! See you soon!!! :)


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