Sunday, November 16, 2008

busy bee

This morning I delivered this custom order to a wonderful mother of 6 that I've met through doing the Fieldbrook Art and Wine Festival.

Jake and I met at the Oil Stop (oh, so romantic, I know you're jealous!) where he'd made appointments for oil changes for both our vehicles, then we walked to the movies to catch a matinee. I'm now hooked on the new movie-soon-to-be-series "Twilight". We then dropped our cars off for tire rotations and walked to Luzmila's for lunch. After lunch I found out I need to buy two new front tires, ugh! After all that, I returned home to continue working on some jewelry. This is what I've finished up today....

..not too bad you might say, but oh, how much I still need to get done! Better get me some more of these babies to get me through. Oh, sorry, if you're not informed, these are only THE most BESTEST seasonal candies of all time, now available at Christmastime! Now I won't have to worry about stashing up so much at Easter. Maybe I should have kept that a secret cuz it's kinda pathetic.

Now, it's WAAYYY past my bedtime, even for someone who has a vampirish like schedule. Gnite!

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