Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sweet Surprise

This is why I l-o-v-e gardening

Today, standing at the kitchen window, I looked out and spotted this new bloom. I'd given up almost all hope that it would happen this year. You see, way back in the spring I re-potted it, fed it, watered it all through the summer until one tiny little leaf slowly unfurled, then two, and that was it, for like for-ever! Then, eventually, I ended up with a pot of pretty leaves. I thought that was all I was going to probably get. Until today. This might be the only flower I see from this plant, but I am totally thrilled! Gardening is just full of surprises and little delights!

same plant--picture taken June 2007


Trisha said...

They are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That is a BEAUTIFUL plant! What is it? I love to garden too! I just planted a ton of bulbs for next spring, crossing my fingers!


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