Wednesday, March 18, 2009

quick furniture project

One project down, one to go...well, at least of the two things on my CURRENT to do list!

I have a cabinet in my living room that houses some of my very special things, but you couldn't see these very special things as they faded into a background of brownness--brown couch, brown cabinet, brown things in cabinet, brown mask on the wall, brown tray on side table, brown wall with more brown things hanging on it adjacent to all that I've just mentioned. I think you get the picture. Well, I'm SLOWLY working on the brownness issue, this project being the first step.

Using this MOST adorable owl collage wrapping paper from Papaya! that I picked up at my local art center, I covered the back "wall" of the cabinet.

To hang the paper, I just used regular scrapbooking adhesive like..


I forgot to take a "before" picture, so you probably won't be as impressed as you should, but I think you get the idea... my luminary from Zihuatanejo and Coqui figurine from Puerto Rico will shine as they should...

...basket from Jamaica, clay beads from Africa, vase I painted in Ixtapa, and shell box from Hawaii won't be lost down at the bottom.
If you are really looking at these pictures--Yes, my Anthro catalog is so special to me that it gets a place in my "very special things" cabinet! Um, not really, but that shelf is just the right size for the basket of my most recently purchased magazines and catalogs that are too much fun to just throw away. Also in a photo up above, "tres hermanas", a luminary I made in my ceramics class in Puerto Rico and behind it sits a framed picture of my sisters and I.


Trisha said...

It looks great! I would never have thought of that myself! And who knew owls could be so cute!

JerryandCarolyn said...

Talent,Talent Talent,
We Love to see your projects.

Anonymous said...

I never seem to feel good about my creative talent when I visit your site.....I wonder why that is. I can't believe you can take a bunch of different things and turn it into such a wonderful display. I'm loving it. MUST stop by next time I'm in town!


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