Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Website and a little Fall

(aztec lily flower from flickr)
After several years (ouch) I finally have a website for my jewelry line, Aztec Lily.
Now, believe me, it's nothing extravagant, just a simple place-keeper for the site I'd like it to be. Since I'm determined to know how to do this myself, it's taking some time, even with all the tools that help me out and promise I don't have to know html and all that other "hard" stuff. So, for now, it's very basic and you'll have to excuse me.--oh, and for some reason when you type the address in the search bar the link says "under construction", but if you click on it, the website will show up.

In other news, I think I'm finally warming up to the idea of this fall thing, even though I still haven't removed these...

...front door...

...back door...yes, the bright colors do look a little out of place, seasonally speaking, especially with the little pumpkin I have displayed near my front door. To make it all worse, I've had the goodies on hand to create my fall door masterpieces for over two months now! Ugh! And to think I felt SO proud of myself when I bought the stuff way before (I thought) I needed it. Typical me!
But I have added some fall-ish touches to my blog in the form of some changed font colors and my new banner, courtesy of Scrapblog, the only digital designing I've yet to try out. (But seriously, you have to try it out too, it's so easy!) Anyway, I hope you like.


Trisha said...

Awesome! Your new website is going to be great. You're so talented and just have so many ideas and projects, no wonder it's hard to get stuff done!
Love your door wreaths, too, even though they aren't fall colors yet. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah for your website! I don't have time to check it out right now but I will for sure soon! Don't get down on yourself, you still have a month for your fall decor. I'm sure it will turn out beautiful. Make your Christmas one at the same time, then you'll be ahead of the game. And you can scratch another item off your list!


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