Monday, February 16, 2009

a garden bit

After my obsession with my container garden this past summer I've actually enjoyed having this winter off. I thought this time of hibernation might even cure me of my obsession. I thought that maybe I would be satisfied with all that I already have and not feel the need to buy more plants/pots this next year. I was wrong. I've felt it already! Cruising into Target to buy a few needed cleaning supplies I'm too easily distracted by the pink and purple primroses (that wall planter outside the kitchen window never had anything planted in it and these would surely brighten my dish washing sessions!). Running into Miller's to buy a gift certificate for Christmas I see a few new pots that must be the first of the orders for spring (I always hoped this pot would come in orange!). Checking out with a few groceries at Ray's I spot a cute little yellow cottage accented with a row of beautifully colored hydrangeas on the front of a magazine that is now 20% off--how can I not?! So I'm doomed. While I must practice self restraint because I think I'm too young to be that crazy plant lady, there will be some slight indulgences. Cruisin' around the blogosphere tonight I came across something I thought I'd share--can planters!

Apartment Therapy How to: make can planters

These are actually made using recycled canned pumpkin and condensed milk cans, but you could use any size can and customize with any of your favorite papers. Put em in a little tray like the one below and HOW CUTE is that?!! earthenware candle tray


Anonymous said...

So Cute! Do you have plants in your house? I have problems with little fruit flys living in my dirt and I can't seem to get rid of them, have any advice?

Alicia said...

I just let the plant dry more in between waterings and that seems to fix it. I've also used an organic insecticidal soap. Just ask someone at your favorite garden shop.


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