Monday, February 23, 2009


So, I KNOW I've mentioned Scrapblog before, and maybe you're sick of it, but I just LOVE it! And every time I use it, I love it even more. I just feel kinda bad cuz I've never actually made a scrapblog, per say. If you look at my scrapblogs, you'll see that all I've made are blog banners and other stuff like this PLANNER you see here. SO excited about this planner!

I really wanted to get this one from PapaYa! but it's a bit bigger than I'd like. I have a small planner that I keep in my purse to write my work schedule and important dates in, but I needed something that I could plan things in advance and have room to write on.
2009 weekly planner

So, I decided to see what I could come up with over at Scrapblog and the result is something totally my style, in colors that match my kitchen, and with plenty of room to WRITE. I made it to hang on the front of the refrigerator, out in the open, so that I will actually LOOK at it and USE it. Here's a closer look at a couple of the pages:

I've ALSO been busy organizing my Flickr photos. There is SO much inspiration on there, whatever kind of photo you might be looking for, you'll find it on Flickr. They even have an easy to use photo editing tool to help you out. I tend to just upload and leave em. But after today, NO MORE! Ya, well, we'll see...but anyway, these are my favorites that I uploaded today.

lThey are pictures I took when letterboxing, which I TOTALLY want to get back into!

Lately, I've been spying some delicious PRETTIES..

fabric by Anna Maria Horner


Sis Boom

this COULD be the year that I become a seamstress....we'll see!


Trisha said...

Just add it to your MANY other talents!!

Anonymous said...

I second that! Looks like fun, where are those pictures from. Beautiful!

Alicia said...

the letterboxing pictures...the waterfall is in McKinleyville right next to KMart! and the mossy woods is in Ferndale.

Colette said...

Hi Alicia,
Thanks for dropping by my blog over at typepad. You can see some of my garden pics on flickr if you like. Just click on the flickr widget on my blog. I had no idea there is a water fall next to KMart in McK. Will have to check that out next time were over there. Enjoyed visiting your blog and will drop by again. Waiting to see what you do with that latest project.


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