Friday, August 7, 2009

garden love--Re-posted

I've spent all of spring and a good portion of summer working towards "finishing" my garden. My goal was to create a space I find inspiring, quirky, and peaceful.

From my kitchen sink I look out at my back yard and admire the result of all the work I've put in up to this point.

Each time I look out, my gaze is drawn to one corner. The group of plants that sit here beneath the cherry blossom tree make up my favorite view.

I'm especially amazed by the size of the blooms on this mophead hydrangea.

As if one giant bloom weren't enough, this baby's loaded with several.

The work involved in this gardening gig is endless, but then, so are the rewards.


Colette said...

Beautiful hydrangea! They do so well here by the ocean, don't they?

Trisha said...

Everything looks beautiful!

JerryandCarolyn said...

Your hydrangea looks so beautiful, makes mine look sad,and I was so
proud of it until I seen yours.


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