Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The instant we became engaged I knew I'd look to blogs for inspiration in planning our wedding. I'd never seen a wedding blog, but was sure they existed. The first one I found was The Wedding Chicks, then came Once Wed. After that, I don't remember the order, but I found them fast. Over time I stuck to the same group, all reliable sources of eye candy, information, and advice. I've never bought a magazine, haven't needed to. My head is so full of ideas for my wedding day and it started with this picture from this post on Once Wed.

The idea is of an Anthropologie, vintage inspired wedding and reception. The only idea I'd ever had for my own wedding was that I wanted it to be outside. Other than that I had no plans or childhood dreams about how it would be or look or play out. I consider it good fortune that I came across this in the very beginning and I could have a clear picture of what I could aspire to create for our own special day.

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