Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Go Digital!

There are SO many digital-fun things to do online, I swear it's totally endless! It's so easy to get overwhelmed too cuz with each new thing you encounter, there's the time it takes to download, figure out what it really does, try it out for yourself, fail, fail, fail, then, OH COOL!! I'm so excited about a couple of things I've seen on my travels online.
Things that do stuff like this:
(mosaic maker)
and this(Warholizer)
you can do both and more with Big Huge Labs

Then there's also this
it turns your pictures into Polaroid images
and you can find it from Poladroid

If you're looking to start digital scrapbooking, I think a good place to start is Scrapblog. I've made all my banners there and you can get a quick tour--it's so user friendly and I'm really excited cuz they now offer this.

If you want to do more with your digital pictures and want step by step help you can even take an online class with Adrienne Looman. Her pictures are so yummy!

The cool thing about going digital is that you can still create without making a huge mess, you can work in small increments of time, you'll never run out of your favorite supplies, and, in a lot of cases, you can do it for free. Speaking of free, check out this program called Gimp, for photo manipulation, to help you use the digital scrapbook tools you can buy, and lots of other stuff (I just really wanted it cuz it's a great alternative to Photoshop. Hm, lets see, free...or hundreds of dollars...I know how much I want to spend!)

Once you're geared up with all the right tools, and have learned a thing or two, there's all kinds of trouble you can get into: Heidi Swapp, Prima Hybrid, Rhonna Farrer, to name a few!

That's probably enough to keep you busy for awhile, at least it has been for me!

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