Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Decorating for Christmas was a blast this year! I love how cozy all the lights and glittering touches make a home feel.

I made this wreath...

...and this wreath last year. It was so nice to just be able to take them out of storage to hang and not have gobs of glittery piles to swiffer up for the rest of the year :)

These candles were a little project I'd like to share. They were red and purple metallic candles that I bought to go with my roommates' decor while living at my last place . They'd been packed away until I could come up with some idea to make them work at my home now. Well, inspiration finally struck and I got out my stash of metallic paints, added two coats on each, let them dry, then added glitter to strips of double sided adhesive tape that I applied.

I picked up these paper snowflakes (okay, they're flowers, or just round shapes, but for the season I'm considering them to be simple snowflakes) cheap while Christmas shopping, then added glitter around the edges. They're extra great cuz I can get them out at any party I might have!

I thought this little arrangement was clever enough to share (if I do say so myself--and I do!). I bought some cinnamon scented pine cones and set them on paper doilies that I'd cut in half. Then I wove in a wired gold bead strand and placed some leftover green glittery doo-dads. voila!

To see more of my Christmas decoration pictures, visit my Flickr.

While decorating is a highlight of the season, my very favorite tradition is to go to Grannie's house for Christmas Eve. It's so great to see my family, especially now that my cousins don't live close to home. Just makes it so much sweeter to be together.

Queenie of the night

three generations

she's a natural

had me laughing all night long (and even now when I just think about it)

good to be together

me and my sisters

one so little, loved so much

should see them more


so good to have you there

white elephant gift getting can be pretty fun...

...and sometimes not

Christmas Day finds the five of us at home, early-ish, to open presents in our jammies, sip on hot cocoa, snack on finger foods, and lounge, lounge, lounge til we're so tired all we can do is take a nap. Oh, the life!

I'd have to say, that a good Christmas season was had by all!


Anonymous said...

What a great post! You are SO creative! You really should come visit during the candy dance this year and do your thing, if you made wreaths and stuff like that along with your jewelry you would really rake it up! Plus, free place to stay! It was great to see you all, Christmas looked like a hit!

Pink Swirl said...

I love the colors of the wreath in the pics and the double-sided tape with glitter idea I will definately use. Have a Happy 2009 :)

Rhonna Farrer said...

Looks like your Christmas was amazing! I just adore your wreaths! SO cool! Keep it up!


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